GoodWood Pizzeria

Eat Pizza. Be Happy.

Wood-Fired Pizzas.

Beer.  Sodas.

Homemade Turnovers. Sweet Treats.

Handmade/Hand Tempered Chocolate BonBons

 Sweet and Savory Pies & Lasagna Take-Homes.


The Pizzeria

We serve 9" thin crust, hand-made, wood-fired pizzas. The pizzeria is a busy place with all that we make by hand and with only has 720 square feet inside, we are not currently offering indoor dining. We provide curb service so you don't have to get out of your car. We also have a covered patio. The patio has fans for the summer weather, a vinyl enclosure and heaters for winter weather. Adjacent to the covered patio, we have 5 picnic tables with umbrellas. Sit and enjoy the outside and a pizza and beer, wine, cider, soda, dessert.... 

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Wood-Fired Ovens

Brian Rollins, owner of GoodWood, builds both mobile and stationary wood-fired ovens for your backyard, your restaurant or your own catering business. Brian has built more than 50 ovens and will gladly help you with any questions you have about cooking, dough recipes, fire building, catering, etcetera. For more information and pricing, call Brian at 980-241-9099.

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Pies & Such

GoodWood Pizzeria bakes sweet and savory pies & such. All are made from scratch and baked in the wood-fired oven. We pop them in the freezer for you to take home and enjoy.  Selections vary weekly but include: family size meat lasagnas, chicken pot pies, fruit pies, cinnamon raisin rolls, shiitake mushroom soup, meatballs, meatloaf with roasted vegetables. Download our app and check the options frequently. We are often inspired by seasonal fruits and vegetables.

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Other Wood-Fired Treats

GoodWood bakes sweet treats. We usually have fresh turnovers, made with our homemade pastry dough.  The selection varies daily. In addition, we usually have our signature chocolate pot de cremes and classic creme brulees. And yes, they are also baked in the  wood-fired oven!


Handmade BonBons

Jane Rollins, owner of GoodWood, hand tempers and hand makes chocolate bonbons. The selection varies with the season, but some of the favorites include the PBJ, the Downtowner (with Lincolnton coffee & beer), and a variety of hand-dipped treats popular with the kids .. marshmallows, Oreos., pretzels. 


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Eat Pizza. Be Happy.

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